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Ask Brownback to 'repent' of his 'Day of Repentance'

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is urging Kansas Governor Sam Brownback to rescind his religious proclamations and opt not, in his official capacity, to attend or endorse the overtly Christian event "Going to the Heart," which is scheduled to broadcast live from Topeka, Kan., on Dec. 8 from 3-6 p.m. CST.

Brownback not only publicly declared Dec. 8 a "Day of Restoration," but recorded a promotional video for the national simulcast, calling on citizens to "pray to God, in humility and in unity to ask for his favor and assistance in these difficult times."

FFRF Co-Presidents Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker wrote to Brownback on Dec. 6: "If you wish to endorse religious events and religious groups, you must do so in your private capacity as a citizen, not in your official capacity as the highest elected executive of the State of Kansas."

They also pointed out that at least 300,000 Kansans are not religious, so the sectarian proclamations exclude a large segment of the state's diverse population.

The "Going to the Heart" event is part of ReignDown USA, "a worship and prayer movement that began on April 26, 2008, with simultaneous worship and prayer led from the Capitol in Washington, D.C. broadcast via satellite around the world."

The organization's mission states that "God is now calling ReignDown USA to churches, parks, colleges and other venues across the United States that need a fresh touch of the Holy Spirit and/or want to experience radical change. We're called to cover these places in prayer and intercession, bringing healing and restoration to the people in those communities."

FFRF asks that the governor "rescind this proclamation and refrain from issuing them in the future, and encourage him to "get off your knees and get to work."


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Ask Kansas Gov. to reign over all, not just Christians


Please take a moment to phone, email, tweet and/or Facebook Brownback. Phoning is the preferred method since it guarantees direct communication between you and the governor's office, although all methods of contact are much appreciated. Tell Brownback that he should not be issuing prayer proclamations or endorsing the "Going to the Heart" event in his official capacity as governor. All Kansas citizens deserve to be recognized by his office, not just those who feel the need to "repent for their sins."

If you are a Kansas resident, please identify yourself as such and when necessary include your address and other contact information.


Office of the Governor
Capitol, 300 SW 10th Ave., Ste. 241S
Topeka, KS 66612-1590
Local: 785-296-3232
Toll Free: 877-579-6757
Email Contact Form:

Twitter: (@govsambrownback)



One sentence is sufficient, your own words are best. But you may wish to copy this statement in your correspondence:

As a secular citizen I am deeply offended that you in your official capacity as governor have endorsed an overtly Christian event, to proclaim Dec. 8 a "Day of Restoration." Both of these actions tell me, a non-Christian and nonreligious citizen, that I am not valued or respected by the Kansas government.

Please honor our godless Constitution by not misusing your civil authority to promote your personal religious views.

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