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Hotel bibles removed at Portland State (Feb. 26, 2015)

2/26/2015 · FFRF had been trying to obtain a response from Portland State University in Oregon about its hotel bibles since its original letter of complaint in February 2014. "If guests want to read this religious text during their stay, they should do what everyone else … More »

FFRF protects Minn. prisoners' rights (Feb. 23, 2015)

2/23/2015 · The Minnesota Correctional Facility in St. Cloud has agreed to discontinue providing extra gifts to prisoners who attend holiday Christian services. "Encouraging inmates to attend a church service is constitutionally impermissible because it coerces inmates to participate in a religious exercise, and sends the message … More »

Prayerful posts off Ohio school site (Feb. 19, 2015)

2/19/2015 · Eastern Local School District, Reedsville, Ohio, removed two religious posts after a car accident claimed the life of a former Eastern High School student. The posts called for "prayer warriors" to "lift all of [those involved in the accident] up in prayer." Senior Staff Attorney … More »

FFRF backs Georgia family in suit over elementary school prayer

2/18/2015 · On Feb. 9, 2015, FFRF filed a federal lawsuit in the Southern District of Georgia, alleging discrimination against two anonymous Doe children by their elementary school teachers. The complaint against Emanuel County Schools charges that teachers inflicted religious prayers on their captive student audiences … More »

Hand soap Jesus off school bottles (Feb. 18, 2015)

2/18/2015 · Bennett Elementary School in McKinney, Texas, removed hand sanitizer bottles that displayed the Lord's Prayer and the logo of a church. "Religion is a divisive force in public schools," wrote Staff Attorney Sam Grover. "Though the school may accept donations from religious entities such … More »

Religious odyssey off school schedule (Feb. 16, 2015)

2/16/2015 · FFRF learned that Tropic Isles Elementary School, North Fort Myers, Fla., planned a fifth-grade field trip to a church which was hosting a walk-through play entitled "Drug House Odyssey." Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel wrote the school district on Feb. 12 informing them that the field … More »

Prayer get boot from graduation (Feb. 13, 2015)

2/13/2015 · Quehanna Boot Camp, an adult correctional facility in Karthaus, Pa., will not include prayers in future graduation ceremonies. Staff Attorney Sam Grover wrote the camp Feb. 3 to object to the pastor-led prayers. The Department of Corrections responded Feb. 13, writing that the invocation and … More »

FFRF stops Kansas proselytizing (Feb. 9, 2015)

2/9/2015 · Haskins Learning Center, a K-8 public school in Pratt, Kan., is presenting in-service training to teachers about religious proselytizing after FFRF again objected to the school's practices. Just six weeks earlier, the school had agreed to stop prayer at school events. But the day after … More »

Letter ends Kansas bible handouts (Feb. 6, 2015)

2/6/2015 · Unified School District 219 in Kansas has stopped a Minneola Elementary School teacher from distributing bibles to students. In a letter sent Jan. 30, Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel informed the district, "When a school distributes religious literature to its students, it entangles itself with … More »

W.Va. middle school crosses removed (Feb. 6, 2015)

2/6/2015 · Ravenswood Middle School in Ripley, W.Va., has taken down crosses that were previously displayed on school property. Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott wrote Jackson County Schools on Jan. 20 after learning that multiple crosses were placed in a garden near an entrance to the school. One … More »

Missouri park crèche won't be back (Feb. 4, 2015)

2/4/2015 · The Higginsville, Mo., Parks and Recreation Department has in the past displayed a large nativity scene in a public park with a sign saying "The Savior is Born." Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott sent the department a letter after a local resident complained: "By displaying this … More »

God out of Okla. police training (Feb. 4, 2015)

2/4/2015 · Oklahoma's Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) is taking steps to eliminate unconstitutional religious training materials after receiving an FFRF complaint. A peace officer in training told FFRF that during training, instructors and materials repeatedly promoted religion. Course materials contained statements such as, … More »

Turning Point Church crosses the line (Feb. 1, 2015)

2/1/2015 · Fayette County Public Schools, Lexington, Ky., received FFRF complaints about several state/church violations. Leestown Middle School held a "retreat" for sixth graders at two churches. Students were given T-shirts at the retreat that advertised TurningPoint Church and its website. They were told to wear shirts … More »

FFRF stops bible study field trip (Jan. 27, 2015)

1/27/2015 · Del Norte County Unified School District stopped a teacher at Crescent Elk Middle School, Crescent City, Calif., from holding a bible study as part of an overnight field trip to her home. "When a school allows a teacher to lead students in a devotional bible … More »

Georgia school removes 10 Commandments (Jan. 26, 2015)

1/26/2015 · FFRF succeeded in getting a Ten Commandments display removed from the Pinevale Elementary School library in Valdosta, Ga. Staff Attorney Sam Grover in an Oct. 24 letter to Valdosta City Schools wrote, "Any student will view a Ten Commandments display in a school as … More »

No more Christian pumpkin patch trips (Jan. 23, 2015)

1/23/2015 · A field trip to a church-run pumpkin patch will not reoccur at Randolph Elementary in Centreville, Ala. Kindergartners and first graders were given nametags reading, "Hay there, Jesus loves you" with a bible verse underneath. Students' finger paintings also had bible verses printed at the … More »

South Dakota sex ed secularized (Jan 23, 2015)

1/23/2015 · The public school district in Aberdeen, S.D., which showed a Catholic version of a sex education program to students, is taking steps to correct the violation after getting a Jan. 9 letter from Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott. The health curriculum at Central High School included … More »

'Praying hands' image off school wall (Jan. 20, 2015)

1/20/2015 · After initially refusing, Kenneth Cooper Middle School officials in Oklahoma have removed a poster called "Faith in America" featuring two children with their hands clasped in prayer in front of an American flag. FFRF Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel first wrote to Putnam County Schools about … More »

FFRF ends Georgia teachers’ proselytizing (Jan. 5, 2015)

1/5/2015 · Elementary school faculty in the Whitfield County School District, Georgia, will no longer teach their young students religion thanks to a letter sent by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. FFRF received a report from a parent whose Antioch Elementary School kindergartener was informed that Christmas … More »

Alabama elementary students won’t “See You At The Pole” (Dec. 22, 2014)

12/22/2014 · Thanks to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, teachers and church groups will not be permitted to lead religious events at Athens Elementary School in Athens, Ala. In 2013, a local church group was permitted to lead a “See You At The Pole” gathering, a Christian … More »

FFRF dissolves partnership between Maryland DNR and Boy Scouts (Dec. 22, 2014)

12/22/2014 · The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has ended a partnership with the Boy Scouts of America, which discriminates against atheists and agnostics, as well as LGBT adults. The DNR previously had an annual charter agreement with the Baltimore Boy Scouts in which the DNR agreed … More »

Gideons banned from Mich. school after FFRF complaint (Dec. 22, 2014)

12/22/2014 · Zeeland Public Schools, Mich., will not allow Gideons to distribute bibles on school ground in the future thanks to the Freedom From Religion Foundation. On Oct. 17, Gideons International representatives distributed bibles to students, a parent informed FFRF. A teacher reportedly told students she would … More »

FFRF sues Walker administration for open records violation

12/18/2014 · The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a lawsuit Dec. 17, 2014 in Dane County Circuit Court, Wis., charging that Wisconsin open records law was violated by Theodore Nickel, state Office of the Commissioner of Insurance and Commissioner. In addition to FFRF, Staff Attorney Patrick … More »

No more staff-led prayer at Kan. school (Dec. 18, 2014)

12/18/2014 · After the Freedom From Religion Foundation lodged a complaint, staff at the Haskins Learning Center in Pratt Unified School District will not lead students in prayer. FFRF received a report that before a school-wide Thanksgiving lunch, the school’s principal asked everyone to bow their heads … More »

FFRF sues over government nativity, denial of equal treatment in Franklin Co., Ind.

12/17/2014 · The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a federal lawsuit on Dec. 16, 2014 against Franklin County, Ind., which annually places a prominent nativity display in front of the Franklin County Courthouse in Brookville. The devotional tableau is erected shortly after Thanksgiving and stays up … More »

FFRF sues over school board prayer in Chino Valley, Calif.

12/16/2014 · On November 13, 2014, FFRF filed a lawsuit in the Central District of California, Eastern Division, against the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education, whose meetings “resemble a church service more than a school board meeting.” There was such an outpouring of … More »

FFRF stifles school board prayer in Paso Robles, Calif. (Dec. 10, 2014)

12/10/2014 · The Paso Robles School Board decided not to start including prayer in its meetings after the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent the board a letter of complaint. Upon learning the board was considering instituting invocations, Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel wrote Board President Katy Griffin a … More »

FFRF stops prayer at Ark. high school Veterans Day ceremony (Dec. 10, 2014)

12/10/2014 · Green Forest High School, Ark., will no longer include prayers at school-sponsored events thanks to efforts by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. At a Veterans Day ceremony, a Green Forest teacher led a prayer. Staff Attorney Sam Grover sent Green Forest Public Schools a letter … More »

FFRF turns off Ariz. agency’s religious training video (Dec. 3, 2014)

12/3/2014 · The Arizona Department of Economic Security has discontinued use of a religious training video thanks to the Freedom From Religion Foundation. A mandatory meeting for some DES employees included a video featuring a comedian who talked about dying briefly and meeting God, who told her … More »

FFRF ends Calif. school district’s participation in Catholic school’s pre-game prayers (Dec. 3, 2014)

12/3/2014 · The Marin County Athletic League, which includes public and private schools, will no longer allow a Catholic school to impose prayers on public school attendees thanks to the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel wrote a letter Feb. 25, 2014, to the Tamalpais … More »

FFRF removes cross from Minn. city newsletter (Dec. 2, 2014)

12/2/2014 · After receiving a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the City of Rice will not include religious symbols on newsletters. The city’s Spring 2014 newsletter included a cross image next to the notice that the city’s offices would be closed on Memorial Day. “Including … More »

FFRF convinces Wash. school to ditch religious concert (Dec. 2, 2014)

12/2/2014 · Aberdeen High School, Wash., pulled out of the Festival of Lights at The Grotto in Portland, Ore., after receiving a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The Grotto is a Catholic shrine dedicated to Mary, and the public school choir was scheduled to perform … More »

FFRF ousts Christ from Ala. parade (December 1, 2014)

12/1/2014 · FFRF received word Dec. 1 that a city-sponsored “Keep Christ in Christmas”-themed parade meant to “reflect our strong belief in prayers” would be retitled the “City of Piedmont Christmas Parade.” An attorney for the city of Piedmont, Ala., wrote a letter notifying Staff Attorney … More »

Charter school ends lunch prayer (December 1, 2014)

12/1/2014 · Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy’s Grammar School in Forest City, N.C., has ended teacher-led prayer and implemented a new policy on religion after a Nov. 6 complaint by Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott on behalf of a parent. A second-grade teacher led students in prayer before … More »

FFRF takes religious song out of charter school class (Dec. 1, 2014)

12/1/2014 · Gulf Coast Charter Academy South in Naples, Fla., cut a religious song from its curriculum pursuant to a complaint made by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The song was reportedly about a child getting lost in the woods and being saved by an angel after … More »

Prayer halted at Texas school (November 25, 2014)

11/25/2014 · Celina Independent School District in Texas will no longer permit coaches to participate in prayer circles with students. Staff Attorney Sam Grover sent a letter to the district Nov. 13, describing a local complainant’s report of widespread coach participation in prayer circles. An attorney for … More »

FFRF halts coach-led prayer at Ohio high school (Nov. 25, 2014)

11/25/2014 · Olentangy High School stopped allowing employees to institute prayers at school-sponsored events thanks to the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The coach of the Olentangy High School Girls Cross Country team invited a student to deliver a prayer at an end-of-season banquet. “It is unlawful for … More »

FFRF stands up for seated students (November 24, 2014)

11/24/2014 · Students in the Washoe County School District in Nevada will no longer compel students to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. A district parent contacted FFRF, reporting that a student was ordered to stand for the pledge and was ordered to leave class, counted … More »

It’s a (creationist) zoo out there (November 20, 2014)

11/20/2014 · After getting an FFRF letter, Skiatook Public Schools in Oklahoma revised a Pledge of Allegiance worksheet that emphasized the phrase “under God” and decided it would no longer take students to a creationist zoo where students were taught about “God’s miracles” and the biblical … More »

FFRF keeps school art secular in Oklahoma (Nov. 20, 2014)

11/20/2014 · Thanks to efforts by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, teachers in Chandler Public Schools will not create religious projects with their students in the future. FFRF Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel sent a letter to the district in 2013 after learning of an auction where two … More »

FFRF secularizes Calif. middle school graduation (Nov. 20, 2014)

11/20/2014 · R.J. Fisher Middle School’s graduation ceremony will no longer be held at Calvary Church after the Freedom From Religion Foundation lodged a complaint. Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel wrote the Los Gatos Union School District superintendent on June 16, 2014, informing her that holding public school … More »

New administration ensures separation of church and state in Ga. school district (Nov. 20, 2014)

11/20/2014 · The new administration of Worth County Schools in Sylvester, Ga., will there’s no repeat of a religious assembly condoned by the previous administrators. Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel wrote Superintendent Barbara Thomas on Jan 30, 2013, after receiving a complaint that an assembly included the principal … More »

Cop emails go secular (November 18, 2014)

11/18/2014 · A University of Colorado police officer at the Colorado Springs campus removed a religious email signature after Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel’s Sept. 25 complaint letter to the university. “For he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he … More »

FFRF complaint stops coach prayer (November 17, 2014)

11/17/2014 · FFRF originally contacted Middletown City Schools in Ohio last spring about high school football coach Chris Wells leading students in prayer and inviting them to his church. The district assured FFRF that administrators had met with Wells and told him that his actions crossed … More »

FFRF puts clamps on coach prayer (November 17, 2014)

11/17/2014 · Long Beach High School in Long Beach, Miss., has ended two school-sponsored prayer rituals at football games. Staff Attorney Sam Grover wrote the district Sept. 26. Traditionally, a student led a Christian prayer over the loudspeaker before every football game. In addition, the high school … More »

FFRF halts coach prayer (November 17, 2014)

11/17/2014 · A coach in the Wimberley Independent School District in Texas will no longer pray with students or endorse students’ prayers. Staff Attorney Sam Grover wrote Wimberley’s superintendent Sept. 25, detailing a report that Wimberley High School’s athletic director and head football coach led the … More »

Religious brochures removed in Tennessee (November 17, 2014)

11/17/2014 · FFRF’s complaint letter prompted prompted the Blount County Sheriff’s Office in Maryville, Tenn., to remove a box of religious brochures from the waiting room.The brochures depicted Jesus, included a prayer and were the only brochures displayed. Senior Staff Attorney Rebecca Markert called the material … More »

FFRF answers Ala. coach’s prayers with complaint (Nov. 17, 2014)

11/17/2014 · Anniston High School’s football coach will no longer organize and lead his team in prayers after receiving a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. A local news report noted that Coach Eddie Bullock asked for a “prayer leader,” a student who led the other … More »

FFRF stops Gideons at elementary school (November 14, 2014)

11/14/2014 · Cushing Public Schools, Cushing, Okla., is ending Gideon bible distribution after getting a Nov. 12 leter from Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel. The Gideons had reportedly visited a fifth-grade classroom at Harrison Elementary, where they discussed the bible and passed out bibles to students. The superintendent … More »

School won’t censor secular websites (November 14, 2014)

11/14/2014 · Round Rock Independent School District in Texas unblocked several secular websites after Staff Attorney Sam Grover wrote the district Oct. 17 about its discriminatory policy. The district’s filtering software left sites affiliated with Catholicism, Islam and Scientology unblocked while filtering atheist sites as “alternative … More »

Schools turn down Mormon invite (November 7, 2014)

11/7/2014 · Two public high schools in Kalispell, Mont., declined this year’s invitation to participate in a performance “celebrating the birth of our savior Jesus Christ” at a Mormon church after FFRF objected to the school’s participation last year. “Because this event includes literally hundreds of depictions … More »

FFRF ends several school violations (November 7, 2014)

11/7/2014 · Prairie Crossing Charter School in Grayslake, Ill., resolved several constitutional violations after getting an FFRF letter. Staff Attorney Sam Grover wrote the school’s executive director July 8 to object to an assembly during the school day marking the installation of a “Freedom Shrine.” The mandatory … More »

Gideons wear out their welcomes (November 7, 2014)

11/7/2014 · The Itawamba County School District in Fulton, Miss., will not conduct bible distributions in the future. FFRF received a report that representatives from Gideons International distributed bibles at Itawamba Attendance Center to “momentarily preach the word of God” and then “asked students to raise … More »

FFRF stops prayer in Hawaii middle school reading program (Oct. 31, 2014)

10/31/2014 · Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School in Honolulu will no longer allow a partner organization to pray with students after the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent them a letter. The school holds “Family Reading for Success” events regularly. An attendee informed FFRF that a recent meeting … More »

FFRF cancels religious assembly in Texas school (Oct. 29, 2014)

10/29/2014 · Administrators at Azle (Texas) Independent School District cancelled a ministry-affiliated assembly scheduled for Oct. 29, after being contacted by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The assembly was to be put on by a group, Seven at Schools, which is affiliated with the religious ministry … More »

FFRF removes Good News Club links from school website (Oct. 29, 2014)

10/29/2014 · Greater Albany Public Schools in Oregon will no longer give preferential treatment to the Good News Club over other after-school groups, thanks to a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The district partners with community organizations for early release day programs, including a community … More »

FFRF ends football team chaplain’s tenure at Ohio high school (Oct. 23, 2014)

10/23/2014 · The Freedom From Religion Foundation has ensured that adults will no longer participate in student religious activities at Bath High School in Lima, Ohio. FFRF Staff Attorney Rebecca Markert wrote to Bath Local Schools on Oct. 16 after a local complainant forwarded a media profile … More »

FFRF complaint removes religious posters from Iowa police department (Oct. 21, 2014)

10/21/2014 · The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter of complaint Oct. 7 to the Manchester Police Department (Iowa), prompting the department to remove a religious poster prominently displayed in its lobby. The poster began, “The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart … More »

FFRF ends coach prayer at Del. high school (Oct. 17, 2014)

10/17/2014 · Football coaches at Cape Henlopen High School in Lewes, Del., will no longer lead their players in prayer or participate in students’ prayers, after receiving a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. FFRF Staff Attorney Elizabeth Cavell wrote to the Cape Henlopen School District … More »

FFRF ensures Civil Rights Act compliance at Mizzou (Oct. 17, 2014)

10/17/2014 · The University of Missouri agreed that a church bulletin discount offered as part of a volleyball ticket promotion was inappropriate, after receiving an Oct. 16 letter of complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. A university employee informed FFRF that the University of Missouri volleyball … More »

FFRF discontinues religious yearbooks in Ohio elementary school (Oct. 14, 2014)

10/14/2014 · Gallia County Local Schools (Ohio) will no longer endorse religion on the cover of its yearbooks, after a protest by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The PTO of Addaville Elementary School printed and distributed yearbooks for students with a large cross bearing the word “BELIEVE” … More »

Sewer biller go secular (October 13, 2014)

10/13/2014 · A Seminole County, Fla., employee in the water and sewer billing department will no longer include a bible verse in her email signature. Staff Attorney Sam Grover wrote the county attorney Oct. 10 of behalf of FFRF, saying, “The statements of a government employee are … More »

FFRF erases bible quotes from Mo. school’s whiteboard (Oct. 10, 2014)

10/10/2014 · After a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Clinton County School District (Mo.) erased bible quotes from a school administrator’s whiteboard at a district middle school. In a letter of complaint sent Oct. 8, FFRF Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott informed the district, “Courts … More »

FFRF ends Va. county’s involvement with Joel Osteen trip (Oct. 9, 2014)

10/9/2014 · Botetourt County, Va., ceased sponsorship and promotion of a trip to a Joel Osteen Ministries event in North Carolina, after receiving a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. FFRF Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott contacted the county Sept. 26 after learning it was helping to … More »

Letter benches praying coaches (October 2, 2014)

10/2/2014 · A public charter school has taken steps to ensure its participation in a religious sports league remains secular, pursuant to an FFRF letter. Seashore Middle Academy in Corpus Christi, Texas, participates in the Parochial Sports League. A local complainant forwarded FFRF a photo of students … More »

Superintendent’s promotion of ‘See You at the Pole’ event protested (October 1, 2014)

10/1/2014 · A superintendent in Toledo, Ohio, who utilized the social media site Twitter to promote a religious 2014 “See You at the Pole” event will no longer be permitted to do so. A complainant contacted FFRF saying that the superintendent posted a message to his Twitter … More »

Pre-game prayers promptly ended (September 29, 2014)

9/29/2014 · Aberdeen Central High School in Aberdeen, S.D., will no longer permit its coaching staff to engage in pre-game prayers before football games. After a complaint was filed with FFRF, Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott sent a letter on Sept. 24 to inform Aberdeen School District that … More »

Football coaches doff religious T-shirts (September 29, 2014)

9/29/2014 · Akron Public Schools in Akron, Ohio, has stopped football coaches from wearing religious T-shirts once again. In 2013, FFRF filed a complaint with the district after Buchtel Community Learning Center athletic personnel and faculty wore T-shirts stating “God Rules Buchtel Athletics” and “Jesus Is … More »

Texas University stops inviting employees to worship services (September 24, 2014)

9/24/2014 · The Office of Public Affairs at University of Texas Health Northeast in Tyler, Texas, has stopped sending system-wide email invitations to employees to participate in bible study events at the Hurst Chapel after receiving a letter from FFRF. A concerned employee contacted FFRF to report … More »

Prayer at school board meeting nixed in Pennsylvania (September 24, 2014)

9/24/2014 · A school board of directors in Mercersburg, Penn., will no longer conduct prayer at meetings, thanks to a complaint sent by FFRF. FFRF Staff Attorney Elizabeth Cavell sent the letter on Sept. 8, informing the board members that praying before meetings is divisive and … More »

Proselytizing history teacher muzzled at Texas high school (September 22, 2014)

9/22/2014 · Arlington Independent School District in Arlington, Texas, will no longer allow a teacher to proselytize students after a complaint was filed by FFRF. A concerned parent of a student at James Martin High reported that a teacher, who is also a local pastor, used valuable … More »

Applicants don’t need to “believe in god” to become notary (September 16, 2014)

9/16/2014 · The N.C. Notary Public Education Program in Raleigh, N.C., will no longer allow an instructor to misinform students. A student who took a notary public course contacted FFRF to report that an instructor repeatedly told students they “must believe in god to be a … More »

Religious tracts nixed in Texas history class (September 15, 2014)

9/15/2014 · Valley View Independent School District in Valley View, Texas, will no longer allow a Middle School teacher to give students religious handouts. A history teacher distributed tracts to his students after teaching them about the Declaration of Independence. The tract was published by the NCCS … More »

Religious coercion by coach ended (September 12, 2014)

9/12/2014 · Eustis High School in Eustis Fla., will no longer permit a football coach to require prayer before team meals in the school’s cafeteria. FFRF received a complaint that the coach would often call upon players at random to offer prayers before the entire team. … More »

FFRF assures religious signs only permitted during rental hours (September 11, 2014)

9/11/2014 · Elk Grove Unified School District in Elk Grove, Calif., took down signs promoting a local church after a complaint was filed by FFRF. Signs reading “” with pictures of a Latin cross enclosed in a lightbulb, were posted at Harriet Eddy Middle School. At least … More »

Illegal prayer (finally) ended at high school graduation (May 28, 2014)

9/8/2014 · Alexander High School in Alexander N.Y., will no longer conduct illegal prayer during graduation ceremonies. FFRF Senior Staff Attorney Rebecca Markert sent a letter on June 24, 2013, about an invocation listed as part of a recent graduation ceremony’s scheduled events. “The Supreme Court has settled … More »

Mandatory school meetings are not church services (September 3, 2014)

9/5/2014 · Dawson County School District in Gainesville, Ga., will no longer hold meetings for teachers in churches or force them to listen to prayers and sermons. A complainant reported to FFRF that the district held a mandatory staff meeting on Aug. 4 at the First Baptist … More »

Senior center halts employee-led prayer (September 3, 2014)

9/3/2014 · Employees at a senior center in New Mexico will not lead prayers before federally-funded meals. FFRF was informed that staff recited a prayer before meals at the Eagle Nest Senior Center, and that participates were asked to join hands. The prayers were sectarian and began … More »

Prayer at football games ended (September 3, 2014)

9/3/2014 · Wise County Public Schools in Wise, Va., will no longer allow school-sponsored prayer before football games. The prayer was delivered before each home game over the loudspeaker by a member of the clergy. On Sept. 18, FFRF Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott sent a letter to … More »

Jesus portrait removed from high school locker room (August 21, 2014)

8/21/2014 · Religious iconography will no longer adorn the locker room of North Canton Memorial Stadium Complex in Canton, Ohio. A concerned student contacted FFRF to report that a portrait of Jesus appeared near the door leading to the football stadium. On July 3, FFRF Senior Staff … More »

Bibles verses displayed at Post Office removed (August 19, 2014)

8/19/2014 · A post office in Richmond, Calif., removed bible verses posted at every employee time clock. A concerned employee contacted FFRF that a sign quoting 1 Peter 4:15 (“But let none of you suffer as a murderer, a thief, an evildoer, or as a ‘busybody’ in … More »

Teacher-led prayer stopped at elementary school banquet (August 12, 2014)

8/12/2014 · After a complaint by FFRF, Sandy Run K-8 School staff in Swansea S.C., will no longer lead prayer at academic banquets. FFRF learned that a school staff member led both students and staff in a Christian prayer at a June 2 banquet. FFRF Staff Attorney … More »

Cross not needed for public safety (August 11, 2014)

8/11/2014 · The Texas Department of Public Safety in Austin removed a cross on the first floor conference room wall of the Highway Patrol Headquarters, after a concerned employee filed a complaint with FFRF. This location is where most regular meetings take place. FFRF Staff Attorney Sam … More »

High School chorus will no longer perform at church (August 11, 2014)

8/11/2014 · Broome High School students in Glendale, SC., will no longer perform in churches, thanks to action by FFRF. A concerned member of the community informed FFRF that on May 11 the school chorus sang at the First Baptist Church of Cowpens during the church’s morning … More »

Teacher-led religious club disbanded (August 5, 2014)

8/5/2014 · Hawkins Middle School in Hawkins, Texas, will no longer permit a teacher to organize and promote a “Feed and Seed” club. A concerned parent contacted FFRF, reporting that a teacher ran the club during lunch period. The teacher read from the bible and invited … More »

Illegal bible distribution stopped at elementary school (August 3, 2014)

8/3/2014 · An elementary school in Kansas will no longer allow Gideon Society to proselytize and hand out bibles to students. FFRF was informed that on May 16, a fifth-grade teacher at USD 306 allowed representatives from Gideon’s International to speak and distribute bibles in his … More »

Miami Beach removes Jewish eruv from park (July 24, 2014)

7/24/2014 · Miami Beach Park in Miami, Fla., will no longer permit religious eruvin to be erected over public property, after a complaint was filed by FFRF. An eruv is “an urban area enclosed by a wire boundary that symbolically extends the private domain of Jewish households … More »

Bible distribution disallowed in elementary school (July 21, 2014)

7/21/2014 · A South Carolina school district has agreed to stop allowing the distribution of bibles on school property following a July 3 letter from FFRF Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott to Anderson School District One Superintendent David Havird. FFRF’s complainant reported that a man told students they … More »

FFRF in no mood for religious discrimination (July 18, 2014)

7/18/2014 · Moody Air Force Base (AFB) Ga., has removed a requirement that only Catholics need apply for a position as music director. The Freedom From Religion Foundation was alerted to the July 15 job advertisement, which requested a “Catholic Music Director to provide worship services at … More »

FFRF saved band camp from Jesus (July 18, 2014)

7/18/2014 · Lakeshore Public Schools in Stevensville, Mich. has assured that its summer marching band camp will no longer engage students in staff-led prayer, display religious iconography, or distribute religious messages of any kind. The camp, a requirement to participate in the Lakeshore High School marching … More »

FFRF ends prayer at middle school banquet (July 17, 2014)

7/17/2014 · There will no longer be teacher-led prayer, or any prayer for that matter, at the end of year banquet for Sarah Scott Middle School students in Terre Haute, Ind. A concerned family member of a student contacted FFRF with information that, in keeping with ceremonies … More »

FFRF ends school sponsored baccalaureate in South Dakota (July 17, 2014)

7/17/2014 · Freeman High School in Freeman S.D., will no longer organize or sponsor an annual baccalaureate ceremony for graduating seniors. FFRF received a complaint that on May 14 a religious ceremony took place in which attendance was mandatory for all seniors and members of the … More »

FFRF brings Satan to Navy-run hospital (July 15, 2014)

7/15/2014 · Naval Hospital Bremerton (NHB) and associated clinics in Bremerton, Wash., will no longer block minority religious webpages. Their Internet filtering policy, which is managed by the Enterprise Services Operations Center (ESOC) for the Bureau of Medicine (BUMED), formerly disallowed the webpages of non-monotheistic religions.  A … More »

FFRF scrapes plaque off of public school entrance (July 14, 2014)

7/14/2014 · Midlothian Independent School District in Midlothian, Texas, will no longer display a religious dedication plaque at Mt. Peak Elementary. The two by three foot plaque next to the front entrance of the school included two Latin crosses and read: “Dedicated in the year of … More »

Graduation prayer ended at Georgia school (July 13, 2014)

7/13/2014 · Graduation ceremonies in Forsyth County School District in Cummings, Ga., will no longer include religious prayer. On May 24, Forsyth Central High School’s graduation reportedly included a student-delivered invocation and benediction, both of which specifically mentioned God and Jesus. FFRF Staff Attorney Sam Grover wrote Superintendent … More »

No more religious rituals at school-sponsored events (July 11, 2014)

7/11/2014 · Rockwall Independent School District in Rockwall, Texas, will no longer permit prayer at any school-sponsored events, thanks to a Freedom From Religion Foundation letter of complaint. According to the report of a concerned citizen, Rockwall High School’s June 10 graduation at the Curtis Culwell … More »

FFRF chews out County over prayer breakfast (July 10, 2014)

7/10/2014 · Putnam County in Carmel, N.Y., will no longer use county e-mail to promote prayer breakfasts. The unlawful e-mail, sent by the director of personnel in the fall of 2013, invited county personnel to attend the 22nd Annual Putnam County Leadership Prayer Breakfast. The e-mail also … More »

Good sign! Church advertisements removed from school property (July 9, 2014)

7/9/2014 · Church signs have been removed from school property in Castle Rock, Colo., and will no longer be displayed. A concerned individual alerted the Freedom From Religion Foundation to the unconstitutional advertisements in front of Castle Rock Middle School and Castle View High School. The signs … More »

Anti-drug assembly to be vetted for religious content (July 9, 2014)

7/9/2014 · A high school in Jacksboro, Tenn., will vet future assemblies to ensure no inappropriate religious programming, after being contacted by an attorney from the Freedom From Religion Foundation about a problem at a March school assembly. According to a student in the district, Campbell … More »

Religious proselytization in Miss. school quashed (July 8, 2014)

7/8/2014 · Faculty members of Lamar County School District in Miss., will no longer be permitted to proselytize to students. A concerned student of Sumrall Middle School contacted FFRF regarding proselytizing by faculty in April. Complaints were about a teacher who spoke on “why our country needs … More »

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