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Losing Faith In Faith: From Preacher To Atheist

by Dan Barker

Losing Faith In Faith

After 19 years of evangelical preaching, missionizing, evangelism and Christian songwriting, Dan Barker "threw out the bathwater and discovered there is no baby there."

Table of Contents

Chapter 2: Ripples
(reactions to my announcement of atheism)

Chapter 3: I Just Lost Faith In Faith

Chapter 17: Refuting God
(brief atheistic responses to theistic arguments)

Chapter 19: Dear Theologian
(challenge to apologists)

Chapter 23: Bible Contradictions
(challenge to inerrantists)

Chapter 24: Leave No Stone Unturned
(a resurrection challenge)

Chapter 35: Mere Assertions
(critique of Mere Christianity)

Losing Faith in Faith can be purchased online here.