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Abortion Is A Blessing

Abortion Is A Blessing

by Anne Nicol Gaylor

"A moving account by a woman who understands the emotional truths behind the demand for abortion." --Gloria Steinem

"So much of what has been written about abortion has been apologetic -- and been written by men. It is refreshing to have this forthright statement by a feminist who has been a leader in the abortion reform movement.
    "Ms. Gaylor articulates the anger of all feminists with a society that is attempting to subvert the United States Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion" --Betty Friedan

"Required reading for anyone who still does not comprehend the tragedy of unwanted pregnancy . . . and for those who must debate the question. A poignant human report filled with compassion and genuine love of humanity." --Marion K. Sanders

"Finally, a book that focuses on the only, truly qualified, illegal abortion experts -- the women themselves. Their voices have not been heard in the abortion debates of recent years. Anne Gaylor, who counseled thousands of these women, tells their stories with compassion and understanding.
    "Ms. Gaylor spares no one in her trenchant analysis of where the responsibility lies for the suffering, degradation and death caused by anti-abortion laws. She documents the role doctors have played in this. She exposes the tactics and motivations of the so-called Right-to-Lifers, who are determined to overthrow the U.S. Supreme Court decisions legalizing abortion.
    "Invaluable for all those who care about keeping abortion legal and safe, this book is also a must for those who want all the facts before making up their minds on this issue." --Beatrice Blair, Executive Director of National Abortion Rights Action League.

Abortion Is A Blessing was published in 1975 and is currently out of print. The entire book is reprinted online below.

Table of Contents for Abortion is a Blessing

Introductory Pages

Foreword: News Release 1984

1. "How Did You Get Involved?"
2. The Phone Calls Begin
3. The Raid
4. The Victims
5. Why Abortion? More Letters
6. The Unforgettables
7. Coping With The Antis: Questions and Answers
8. Analyzing The Antis
9. What Can We Do About Medicine?
10. Why Are You All So Angry?
11. Every Five Days There Are One Million More Of Us
12. Do We Belong in the Kitchen?
13. "Why Don't They Just Use Birth Control?"
14. Late Abortion and the Edelin Case


A. Types of Abortions
B. Pat's Cartoons
C. A Bow to the Activists; Booby Prizes for the Obstructionists
D. What YOU Can Do
E. Finding An Abortion
F. The Tragedy of Tay-Sachs Disease
G. Extracts from the Supreme Court Decision
H. Abortion Around the World