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by Anne Nicol Gaylor

Copyright 1975 by Anne Gaylor
All rights reserved
Printed in the United States of America
ISBN: 0-88437-006-2


SEVERAL YEARS AGO in Wisconsin a young high school girl was raped and impregnated by her drunken father. He served a term at Waupun for the crime, but nobody helped the little girl. An honor student, she was forced to drop out of school to become the mother of her father's child.

I do not know whatever happened to that girl, or if her life was salvageable, but I know now that her story is not rare.

To her, and to all the other desperate women our society has treated with such blind and hostile cruelty, this book is dedicated, with gratitude that women finally are becoming free.


I would like to thank

  • Patricia Theresa Maginnis for her permission to include four of her incomparable cartoons in this book,
  • Kay Jacobs Katz for her moving testimony before a Congressional committee, included as an appendix of this book,
  • Anne Treseder and Beverly Braun for their suggestions and ideas incorporated in NEWS RELEASE1984,
  • my daughter Annie Laurie for her "Foot-in-the-Mouth" cartoon and her fashioning of the "Pregnant Proxmire" poster,
  • my entire family for unfailing patience during five years of an ever-ringing phone,
  • a new friend, Bea Blair, for her enthusiastic help and encouragement, and an old friend, Hania W. Ris, M.D., for moral support over the years in our work for legal abortion,
  • my publisher, Robert Wesner, for his concern for women's rights and his willingness to publish a feminist's view of a controversial subject.

-Anne Nicol Gaylor
Madison, Wisconsin
April, 1975

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