Protecting the constitutional principle of the separation of state and church
Freethought Radio

Dan Barker

Co-president, Freedom From Religion Foundation

Dan Barker has participated in more than 50 formal public debates on such topics as:

Does God exist? (See example)
Does ethics require God? (Hear debate)
Should government and religion be strictly separate?
Did Jesus rise from the dead? (See example)
Jesus of Nazareth: messiah or myth?
Is Christianity true?
Is the bible an acceptable guide for morality?
Is America a Christian nation?

His opponents in formal public debates have included:

Dr. Norman Geisler, Christian apologist & author
Richard Swinburne, Christian philosopher, Oxford
Dinesh D'Souza, Christian author (twice)
Dr. Paul Maier, historian, author, prof. at Western Michigan University
Dr. Walter Kaiser, President Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (see story)
Dr. Greg Boyd, professor of Theology at Bethel College, MN (Twice. Resurrection video available)
Hassanain Rajabali, Islamic Scholar, Tawheed Institute (Twice. See their 2003 debate)
Jonathan Vos Post, professor, astronomer, mathematician
Francis Manion, American Center for Law and Justice
Scott Moore, Baylor University& director of the Great Texts Program
Dr. Walter Lowe of Candler School of Theology, Emory University
John Franklin of Ontario Bible College, Toronto
Michael Horner, Society of Christian Philosophers (3 times--see 1996 debate)
Dr. Terry Morrison of Intervarsity Fellowship
John Morehead, American Center for Religious Inquiry & Watchman Fellowship (3 times)
Dr. Rubel Shelly, Church of Christ, Nashville (5 times)
Dr. Phil Fernandes, Institute for Biblical Defense (videotape available)
Dr. Douglas Geivett, Philosophy, Talbot Seminary
Dr. Francis Nigel Lee, Reformed Presbyterian minister, Australia
Bob Siegel, Sojourners Christian Fellowship, Mission to the Americas (twice)
Cliffe Knecthle, Intervarsity Fellowship
Gene Breitenbach, Assembly of God
Richard Howe, Southern Evangelical Seminary, SC
Tom Rode, President of Ohio Campus Crusade For Christ
Rev. Larry Siekawitch, Vineyard Fellowship, Colorado Springs
Douglas Wilson, editor Credenda Addenda (twice) (see writeup)
Michael Butler, a "presuppositionalist" theistic philosopher
Michael Licona of "Risen Jesus"
Michael Corey, author of The God Hypothesis
John C. Rankin, Theological Education Institute (7 times)
Janet Parshall, Christian radio talkshow host
Peter Payne, Christian Philosopher with Intervarsity
Robert Osburn, the McLaurin Institute
Professor Arthur Pontynen, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Peter Youngren, Niagara Celebration Church
James White, Alpha & Omega Ministries
Matt Slick of Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
and numerous local ministers.