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New report details Southern Baptists’ despicable treatment of sex abuse victims

5/23/2022 A recent bombshell report has revealed that officials of the Southern Baptist Church engaged in a troubling pattern of abuse and cover-up. For the past 20 years, church members have been reporting abuses by clergymen “only to be met, time and time again, ... Read more »

Book bans abhorrent and misplaced, FFRF tells Idaho school board

5/23/2022 Book bannings are abominable, the Freedom From Religion Foundation admonishes an Idaho school board, but if any book deserves to be proscribed, it is the bible. The Nampa School District Board of Trustees has recently decided to ban more than 20 books from school libraries. ... Read more »

FFRF to Florida residents: If your school district is banning books, make sure it bans the bible

5/20/2022 A new Florida law gives easily offended parents a way to ban books from their childrens’ public school libraries. There have been more than 200 book bans across Florida in the past year, according to a report by the advocacy group PEN America. In ... Read more »

FFRF condemns Oklahoma’s cruel new abortion ban

5/20/2022 As we await the final nail in the coffin of what’s left of Roe v. Wade, anti-abortion state legislators are gleefully passing draconian abortion bans. The Freedom From Religion Foundation condemns Oklahoma’s action yesterday to pass a near-complete ban on abortion— the most restrictive ... Read more »

FFRF calls on OK gov to honor secular Constitution or resign

5/19/2022 The Freedom From Religion Foundation is condemning Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt for mixing church and state in justifying his near-total abortion ban.  SB 1503, a copycat of Texas’s notorious SB 8, is an abortion ban that does not contain an exception for pregnancies that result from ... Read more »

“This Is Us” and “Castle” actor guest on FFRF TV show Sunday

5/19/2022 Click here to watch the teaser. Acclaimed actor and nontheist Jon Huertas, who has played key parts in memorable TV serials, is the guest on the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “Freethought Matters” TV show this Sunday. For the past six seasons, Huertas has starred as Miguel ... Read more »

All-women legal podcast makes its debut today

5/18/2022 Four attorneys from three major secular organizations are launching today, May 18, the only legal affairs show for atheists, agnostics and humanists hosted completely by women lawyers. “We Dissent” will discuss religious liberty in federal and state courts and the work these attorneys do to ... Read more »

FFRF mails ‘E Pluribus Unum’ decals to counter godly motto on Kansas police cars

5/17/2022 The Freedom From Religion Foundation has mailed decals boasting America’s original motto, “E Pluribus Unum,” to the city of Haven, Kansas, to counter “In God We Trust” stickers on police cars there. The national watchdog, in a letter to Mayor Adam Wright, notes that the ... Read more »

Breaking! FFRF wins lawsuit against praying W.Va. city council that ‘wrapped itself in a single faith’

5/17/2022 The Freedom From Religion Foundation and two of its members have won a federal court challenge against a West Virginia city that, according to the ruling, “wrapped itself in a single faith” by opening with the Lord’s Prayer. U.S. District Judge John T. Copenhaver, Jr. ... Read more »

W.Va. school system and parent settle FFRF case over egregious bible classes

5/17/2022 A long-running Freedom From Religion Foundation lawsuit against a West Virginia school district challenging bible classes has finally been settled. The national state/church watchdog filed the federal case in 2017 on behalf of Elizabeth Deal and her daughter to stop Mercer County Schools from continuing ... Read more »

FFRF links ‘replacement theory’ Buffalo killings motive to Christian nationalism

5/16/2022 The Freedom From Religion Foundation deplores the Buffalo racial massacre by a young man who appears to be a white Christian nationalist motivated by the “replacement theory.” The 18-year-old shooter, who is in custody, outlined his racist ideology in a long statement averring that the ... Read more »

FFRF announces S.D. student as ‘strong backbone’ activist awardee

5/16/2022 The Freedom From Religion Foundation is pleased to bestow a South Dakota high school student with its $1,000 student activist award for her objections to her school board starting its meetings with Christian prayer. Shaye Beardsley, a senior at Stevens High School, has been granted ... Read more »

Make Supreme Court justices ethical, FFRF and others urge Congress

5/13/2022 More than a dozen leading organizations are urging Congress to pass legislation imposing ethics requirements on U.S. Supreme Court justices. The Freedom From Religion Foundation and several other prominent groups, ranging from League of Conservation Voters and Indivisible to the American Humanist Association and Secular Coalition for ... Read more »

FFRF to Youngkin: You were elected Va. governor, not preacher

5/12/2022 The Freedom From Religion Foundation is excoriating Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s show of cultural tone deafness in using DEI training to proselytize state employees.   “Most of all, every one of us is made in the image of our Creator,” the narrator in the ... Read more »

FFRF’s full-page ad on abortion in today’s New York Times rips religion

5/12/2022 The Freedom From Religion Foundation has a powerful full-page ad in the main news section of today’s New York Times showing the Statue of Liberty enshrouded in “Handmaid’s Tale” garb, with the word “Liberty” crossed out. That illustration, by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Steve Benson, is ... Read more »

No taxpayer funds for Palatka church pool, FFRF demands

5/12/2022 A Florida city must reject a local church’s request for tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to refurbish a swimming pool, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is insisting. A concerned resident has informed the national state/church watchdog that the Palatka City Commission plans ... Read more »

Legendary illustrator Ed Sorel on FFRF TV show Sunday

5/12/2022 Click here to watch the teaser. You’re in for an illustrative treat in an interview with an illustrious illustrator on the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “Freethought Matters” TV show this Sunday. Edward Sorel charts his remarkable life and irreverent artwork in his new memoir, Profusely Illustrated. ... Read more »

Idaho is NOT a Christian state, FFRF reminds its Lt. Gov.

5/11/2022 The Freedom From Religion Foundation is demanding that Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin retract and apologize for her recent “menacing” and religion-infused incendiary remarks. McGeachin said in an interview distributed widely on April 9, “God calls us to pick up the sword and ... Read more »

FFRF: Abortion rights senatorial defeat dismaying

5/11/2022 The Freedom From Religion Foundation condemns U.S. senators who failed to support the Women’s Health Protection Act. The Women’s Health Protection Act not only would codify the provisions of Roe v. Wade, should the Supreme Court overturn the 1973 law legalizing abortion nationwide (as expected) ... Read more »

Adopt a nondiscriminatory oath, FFRF advises New Jersey

5/11/2022 You need to get rid of your discriminatory and exclusionary oath, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is recommending to the state of New Jersey. New Jersey statutes require a religious oath to assume any state office. As required by N.J.S.A. 41: 1-2: “Every person who ... Read more »

New legal fellows join FFRF, including one on a prestigious fellowship

5/10/2022 The Freedom From Religion Foundation is welcoming two new legal fellows from the class of 2022, including one who is on a distinguished fellowship. Kat Grant has received a fellowship through Equal Justice Works to work with FFRF, and Sammi Lawrence is from the ... Read more »

‘There is no hell,’ FFRF billboard in northwest Arkansas proclaims

5/10/2022 A cheery billboard message boldly proclaiming “The Good News Is . . . THERE IS NO HELL” has gone up in the heart of northwest Arkansas and will be up until the end of May. The digital board is north of Elm Springs Road, behind ... Read more »

Stop teacher’s proselytization, FFRF urges Ariz. school district

5/9/2022 The Freedom From Religion Foundation is asking that an Arizona school district immediately halt a teacher’s blatant proselytizing. A concerned Scottsdale Unified School District student has informed the national state/church watchdog that a teacher at Chaparral High School has been abusing his position to proselytize and ... Read more »

Biden’s Day of Prayer proclamation a craven ‘Declaration of Dependence’

5/5/2022 The annual unconstitutional presidential proclamation of a “Day of Prayer” is a degrading “Declaration of Dependence” by a nation predicated on the Declaration of Independence and a godless secular Constitution. President Biden’s dutiful 2022 proclamation also erases the very existence of nonreligious Americans, as ... Read more »

Secularist Rep. Jamie Raskin on FFRF Sunday TV show

5/5/2022 Click here to watch the teaser.  A member of Congress who fervently advocates separation between state and religion is the guest on the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “Freethought Matters” TV show this Sunday. Rep. Jamie Raskin, the co-chair of the Congressional Freethought Caucus, is the author ... Read more »

National Day of Reason resolution offsets the National Day of Prayer

5/4/2022 Several members of Congress have introduced a National Day of Reason resolution (House Resolution 1080) to counter the National Day of Prayer. Led by Rep. Jamie Raskin, co-chair of the Congressional Freethought Caucus, several national legislators are championing a resolution proclaiming today, May ... Read more »

Tulsa Public Schools must fire proselytizing teacher, FFRF insists

5/3/2022 The Freedom From Religion Foundation is demanding that Tulsa Public Schools fire a teacher who chastised a student for non-Christian beliefs. A concerned Tulsa Public Schools student has informed the state/church watchdog that Amy Cook, a biology teacher at Memorial High School, has been abusing ... Read more »

FFRF: Take action now over imminent overturn of Roe v. Wade

5/3/2022 In light of the leaked draft of an expected Supreme Court decision that appears to overrule Roe v. Wade, and the widespread panic it has sparked, the Freedom From Religion Foundation urges five constructive acts of resistance. The first: to demand that the U.S. Senate ... Read more »

FFRF: Supreme Court ruling on Boston Christian flag is narrow but concerning

5/2/2022 The Freedom From Religion Foundation, while considering unfortunate today’s ruling involving a Christian flag at Boston City Hall, is cautioning that the decision does not mean governments in the future must fly religious flags. However, the state/church watchdog terms concurring opinions by the high ... Read more »

FFRF applauds Connecticut abortion expansion bill

5/2/2022 The Freedom From Religion Foundation commends Connecticut legislators for defending abortion access amid the anti-abortion blitzkrieg occurring in statehouses nationwide. Lawmakers in Connecticut have passed a bill that expands the types of medical professionals who can provide abortion care, such as advanced practice registered nurses, ... Read more »

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