Billboards Greet Atlanta, Rural Pennsylvania

An anonymous benefactor in Chambersburg, Penn., has arranged to post the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s message (above) on an 8×16-foot billboard for six months in three rotating spots in southern Pennslvania, starting in December.

“After passing many ‘message from god’ billboards, I’ve often thought that the local nonreligious should know that there are others here who don’t believe,” writes the kind donor.

A 48×14-foot billboard with the same message is going up for the month of December in the Atlanta suburbs. The FFRF billboard is on the west side of Peach Tree Industrial Blvd., facing north, half a mile north of the South Berkley Lake Road crossing in Norcross, Ga. Warmest thanks to the Atlanta Freethought Society for a generous contribution, and to Foundation member David Driscoll, who contributed and scouted the billboard company and site.

FFRF hopes to keep its two 48×14-foot vinyl billboards in constant use, wherever a freethought billboard is needed! The second available billboard, also with a stained-glass motif, reads: “Beware of Dogma.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation