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What are the benefits & how do I set up my membership profile online?

Registering to create your own online profile has many other benefits for you and for FFRF. Features include:

CONTACT INFO & PASSWORD. Manage your contact information (for example, updating your postal address, phone numbers and email addresses) and change your password whenever you wish.
RENEWAL. Check when your renewal is due and your current level of membership support.
FFRF FORUM. By creating a Membership Profile, you will have immediate access to the new members-only online Forum. (The old forum will be made read-only: existing forum users can see content but not post new content. You can re-use your forum name if you wish, but being registered on the old ffrf-forum.org does not mean you have a membership profile on the new FFRF.org website. A membership profile is required to use the new forum on FFRF.org)
MAILING PREFERENCES. Choose how you wish to receive Freethought Today; e.g., via an emailed PDF file or a mailed copy.
EMAIL SERVICES. Selecting or unselecting FFRF email services, such as FFRF news releases, action alerts, blogs, and Freethought of the Day.
MEMBER DISCOUNTS. Get discounts on all the fabulous merchandise in the FFRF store.
PERSONAL INFO. Sharing more information about yourself, such as indicating you wish to volunteer, or listing a secondary address.
AVAILABLE TO MEDIA? You can sign up as a media contact for FFRF in your area. (This is helpful to FFRF, which receives frequent requests by media to speak to local members.)

Three Easy Steps for Creating your Online Membership Profile

  1. Go to https://ffrf.org/component/rsform/form/7-new-user-registration
  2. Complete the form, including your first name, a username (this will also be your forum username) and a valid email address, preferably the one that you used when you joined. (You can change this later, if you wish.) 
  3. Click Submit.

Any time you want to access your account, simply click on "My Membership" at the top right of any page on the FFRF website. 

Of course, an Online Membership Profile isn't necessary if you prefer to do business with FFRF by mail only. We'll be happy to help you, no matter how you wish to connect with us.

Thank you from the Staff at FFRF!

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