FFRF announces ‘Resurrection’ Pledge Campaign to combat heckler’s veto


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FFRF needs your help to protect our seasonal displays of freethought and equality!

Each year the Freedom From Religion Foundation places Winter Solstice banners and other freethought holiday displays—like our Bill of Rights "nativity" scene and our atheist "A" in Daley Plaza — in governmental "public forums" where religious groups place devotional displays.

If religious displays are on government property, then we deserve to be there too!

Unfortunately the spirit of the season doesn't prevent people from vandalizing and stealing our displays. Such vandalism has occurred for years with no consequence for the vandals. But FFRF is combatting the hate!

Why let criminals censor freethought messages and violate our right to free speech? FFRF is asking you to help protect our freethought displays throughout the country. Make a pledge to FFRF's Resurrection Pledge Drive. You will only be asked to fulfill your pledge each time one of FFRF's December displays are stolen or destroyed.

Your support not only helps us promote nontheism and state/church separation, but helps deter vandalism. Thanks to the Resurrection Pledge Campaign, FFRF was able to counteract vandalism and theft of three of our displays in 2015! If any of our displays are vandalized or stolen this season, each time FFRF will use your donation to ensure that our message gets out to even more people. 

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