Is the Bible full of errors and deceit?

Debate between Dan Barker and John C. Rankin
Living Rock Church
March 5, 2006

Dan Barker debated John C. Rankin on the topic "Is the Bible full of errors and deceit?" at Living Rock Church, Killingworth, Connecticut, on Sunday, March 5, 2006. This was the first of 3 debates in a row on the same topic, including a debate before the high-school students at The Master's School on Monday morning March 6, and before the seminarians at the same school the evening of March 6.

John C. Rankin and Dan Barker at The Master's School in Simsbury, Connecticut, March 6, 2006. Rankin is a former agnostic who is now President of the Theological Education Institute and the Mars Hill Society. Barker is a former minister who is now co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.


Part One

Part Two

Questions from the Audience

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