Christian prayers dropped at UTK after FFRF complaint

Texas school halts football bible banners

Another Pennsylvania school board drops prayer

Albuquerque chapter celebrates ‘Constitution Day’

FFRF sues to remove decalogue from Pa. high school

Help block prayer from UTC football field

FFRF claims victory in Ridgeland school coach complaint

FFRF will sue New Kensington, Connellsville if they don’t remove Ten Commandments

It's FFRF's "Just Pretend" vs. The Gideons

View FFRF's 'God Fixation' billboards in Charlotte

Atheist/agnostic group places gentle secular message in Charlotte

FFRF parish exemption case clears hurdle

FFRF erases prayer from Pennsylvania school board agenda

(Photograph) FFRF's "God fixation" caveat flies in Tampa

“No such thing as free legal representation”

'Act of God' doesn't stop atheist message in Tampa

Irish atheists feed hungry Wisconsinites

Ohio newspaper censors FFRF ad criticizing Catholic Church

FFRF brings election-year caveat to RNC, DNC

FFRF contests Pennsylvania prayers

FFRF intercepts prayer-football entanglement

Wichita politician lives in church house, church avoids taxes

FFRF is successful in ending Milwaukee Irish Fest violation

FFRF spotlights Milwaukee discrimination

FFRF piece to air on national public TV affiliates

FFRF picks Portland for 35th national convention

FFRF and Whiteville settle lawsuit over crosses

FFRF hopes to wash out discriminatory water park discount

FFRF asks school to quit indoctrinating

FFRF awards 12-year-old freethinker for student activism

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