FFRF’s friendly neighborhood atheist billboard defaced in Portland

Hallelujah! Reason prevails in Santa Monica

Policy would have barred Jefferson?

FFRF sues IRS to enforce church electioneering ban

A loss for reason

FFRF asks Obama to drop religion in presidential oath

FFRF contests bishops' electioneering

FFRF contests city's prayer breakfast involvement

FFRF questions 'vote biblical' campaign

School board prayer out, silence in

Billy Graham ministry crosses line with 'coded' ads

FFRF warns another school on bible banners

'No room at the inn' in Henderson County for dissent

FFRF calls for IRS to investigate "Vote for the Mormon" church marquee

FFRF seeks Texas plaintiffs to challenge cheerleading practice

15 secular billboards are up in Portland

Texas AG stirs up wrath against atheists

FFRF stops illegal city collaboration with church

FFRF to blitz Portland with cheery atheist/secular messages

Florida sheriff prays for end in crime

‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday’ turns clergy into outlaws

FFRF files amicus brief in Texas prayer banner case

Help fund FFRF's work through CFC

Pa. Judge: Dismisses FFRF suit but chastises pandering House

FFRF gets church property on tax rolls

Texas AG attacks FFRF, butts into banner case

FFRF takes Ten Commandments to court

FFRF helps save Tucson taxpayers $1.1 million

New FFRF billboard goes up in Missouri

Lord’s Prayer out, silence in

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