Watch for FFRF ad on 'Meet the Press,' 'Rachel Maddow Show'

Dan Barker to speak at Rock Beyond Belief

FFRF airs first freethought ad on 'CBS Evening News'

FFRF sues over Pennsylvania’s ‘Year of the Bible’

Junkyard Prophet profits mightily

FFRF ad to air on CBS

Kansas prayer over the top

'This is what an atheist looks like'

Oral argument tomorrow over South Carolina bible class case

FFRF protests state prayer declarations

Pastor rails against usual suspects in Oklahoma House

Advice to schools: Junk Christian ministry assemblies

FFRF ad, ‘Quit the Catholic Church,’ runs in today’s Times

Sign Up Now for March 24 Post-Reason Rally Dinner Gala!

Blowing the whistle on religion in school

Absurd Washington bill to permit Capitol baptisms was all wet

Pray to play politics in Kentucky

FFRF announces three 2012 student scholarship contests

‘It's time to quit the Catholic Church'

Join FFRF on National Mall, at dinner parties March 23-24!

FFRF to N.C. General Assembly: Stop praying

FFRF tells Ohio Governor you don't need faith to be courageous

FFRF challenges Catholic shrine on Big Mountain

Read all about it: Freethought Today back issues for sale

Why presidents should boycott prayer breakfasts

FFRF hails long overdue Alaska Airlines announcement

FFRF protests misuse of federal, presidential Seals by National Prayer Breakfast backers

FFRF asks West Point to rethink prayer breakfast

FFRF to sue over Catholic Shrine on federal land

Prayer breakfast serves up an unlawful mixture of state/church

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