Julia Sweeney radio ad starts on Randi Rhodes Show

FFRF 'enlightens' prayer pushing governor

Student plaintiffs join FFRF prayer suit

FFRF to appeal dismissal of nativity scene suit

Watch Sneak Preview of FFRF TV commercial starring Julia Sweeney

FFRF contests two Georgia school commencement ‘services’

FFRF’s ‘Quit the Catholic Church’ ad in weekend USA Today

Lake Hypatia 2012

FFRF sues South Carolina school district

FFRF plans to sue over student prayer vote

Georgians want school prayer referendum

Calling on patriotic freethinkers to stand up to Catholic bullies

FFRF contests pastor’s politicking, hate speech

FFRF objects to board's exclusively Christian prayer

FFRF contests blatant religious subsidy

FFRF calls for removal of Bradford County Ten Commandments

FFRF stands up for voter rights in North Carolina

Gubernatorial Colorado Day of Prayer proclamations unconstitutional

FFRF’s ‘Quit the Catholic Church’ ad in today’s Washington Post

FFRF announces fund to aid nonbelieving clergy

Ask Obama to end National Day of Prayer

Join Facebook rebellion against Day of Prayer

FFRF contests more Rhode Island religion

Alabama city removes biblical signs

FFRF message: 'God fixation' not good for nation

‘Jesus Christ myth’ banner rises again in Illinois park

'Jesus Christ myth' banner stolen from Illinois park

Atheists raise 'Jesus myth' banner in Illinois park

Don't miss FFRF's ad on MSNBC's 'Rachel Maddow Show' this week

FFRF tells Nashville 'This is what an atheist looks like'

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