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November 2015

FFRF unveils ‘Atheists in Foxholes’ monument · FFRF lawsuit ends Georgia school prayer · FFRF, ACLU sue over school’s nativity scene · Nonbelief Relief awards $20K to Doctors Without Borders · Legal complaint stops Texas school violations · FFRF protests Kentucky water tower cross · FFRF steps in after members of Congress back coach-led prayers · FFRF legal victories · In memory of Darrell Keith Hutchins · In memoriam James H. Hiner · Meet our valuable volunteers · Meet a Wisconsin member · FFRF debuts atheist marquee · Patheos hosting Freethought Now! · Secular invocations, unlike prayer, never fail Constitution · Prayer always followed secular invocation · Meet an Idaho member · Atheist answers daughter’s question about God · God is so not ‘pro-life’ · Meet a military member · Meet a graphic(s) staffer · Honorable mention: Blind faith: The real problem with religion · Honorable mention: Innocence lost, acceptance found · Honorable mention: Education can lift veil of religious ignorance · Honorable mention: Enlightenment from the horrors of the bible · Honorable mention: Staying strong in a world of believers · Honorable mention: Diversity discouraged in religious communities · Sharing the crank mail · Read more »

October 2015

Judge, board agree monument must go · FFRF victory: Reason prevails in Hawkins · FFRF rains on papal parade · School admits error of mass baptism · Reason Rally II set for June 2016 · UW-Madison agrees FFRF deserves equal treatment · FFRF legal complaint adds secular to Sharpton · FFRF wants ski slope Jesus full review · FFRF continues protest of school’s live nativity · Quartet receive Catherine Fahringer activist awards · Florida boards swap prayer for silence · FFRF legal victories · Christian-only prayer policy scrapped · Meet an FFRF staffer · Meet an FFRF member · FFRF announces Freethought Now! · First place: William J. Schultz high school essay contest, freethinkers of color · Second place: High school essay contest, freethinkers of color · Third place: High school essay contest, freethinkers of color · Fourth place: High school essay contest, freethinkers of color · Fifth place: High school essay contest, freethinkers of color · Sixth place: High school essay contest, freethinkers of color · Showdown in the Kentucky corral · Meet a banjo-picking member · Honorable mention: High school essay ‘Good Without God’ contest · Honorable mention: High school essay ‘Good Without God’ contest · In memoriam · Sharing the crank mail · Deconstructing religion and power · Read more »

September 2015

FFRF probe: Coaches on a mission from God · FFRF creates Nonbelief Relief as separate charitable entity · Announcing Diane Uhl Legal Fund actions · FFRF combats ‘In God We Trust’ on law enforcement vehicles · FFRF asks Tenn. governor for equal time for reason · Legal staff busy shoring up state/church wall · Atheist sitcom creators win big in ‘No God But Funny’ contest · ‘Learning to Drive’ Katha Pollitt essay now a movie · FFRF alerts Fla. schools to ‘dirty dozen’ violations · Suit settled; FFRF helps oust Cowboy Church · Florida school district paid $86,000 to contest FFRF lawsuit · FFRF objects to proselytizing judge · Announcing 2015 William J. Schulz High School Essay Contest winners · Secular invocations · Ewing Park residents face religious bigotry · 38th annual FFRF national conference, Oct. 9-11, Madison, Wis. · Meet some legal interns · Trio stood up for right to sit down during pledge · Saluting Julian Bond, civil libertarian, atheist · Best time ever to be a freethinker is now! · It all started with ‘What about the dinosaurs?’ · First place: William J. Schulz High School Essay Award - Why I have no need for religion · Second place: High school essay contest - Can’t we all just get along? · Third place: High school essay contest - ‘Evasive’ religion offers few answers · Fourth place: High school essay contest - Making my community better without God · Fifth place (tie): High school essay contest - This is my life, not God’s · Fifth place (tie): High school essay contest - Morality is inherent in human beings · Sixth place: High school essay contest - Being good without God is being human · Honorable mention: High school essay contest - Morality by threat or morality by love · The story of James Terry and his mother, Vashti McCollum · Breaking satire! Impositional religiosity added to DSM · Meet a faithless feminist · Meet a chapter president · Sharing the crank mail · Read more »

August 2015

FFRF, secular groups file Florida discrimination suit · Legal wins: Two fewer Christian flags fly in secular nation · Fox’s ‘fair and balanced’ equals 4 against 1 · Current Cases · FFRF legal victories · In the news · Kristin flipped first; soon it was mutual · Ron Reagan, Taslima Nasrin, activists, authors featured · Meet a staffer · You can be good without god · Meet a doodling member · Physicist Carroll: Atoms and Eve incompatible · Weinberg was first Emperor recipient · Anne Gaylor, 88, dies; guarded wall between church and state · Meet some legal interns · Sharing the crank mail · Read more »

June/July 2015

FFRF mourns its founder Anne Gaylor · Mayor: Generic Jesus fits all faiths · FFRF donates $20K to relocate atheist author under fatwa · Counsel opposing FFRF school board prayer suit skipped hearing · FFRF complaint grounds coach-led prayer in Ohio · Plaintiffs sought to get God off money · FFRF legal victories · In the news · BiZoHa is groundbreaking secular orphanage · In memoriam: Norma Briggs, 1935–2015 · How science, reason lead humanity to truth · MEET A MEMBER · The Clergy Project, then and now · FFRF Freethought Heroine Award, 37th annual convention, Los Angeles, Oct. 24, 2014 · Secular invocations · Sharing the Crank Mail · Freethought Hall grand opening, Ron Reagan special attractions · Read more »

May 2015

Oklahoma AG smears FFRF, misleads public · Marshall enforces law without a badge · FFRF’s ‘Nonbelief Relief’ donates $10,000 to Nepal · FFRF legal activism · Unique art finds home in new FFRF library: The evolution of ‘Mr. Darwin’ · Legal victories shore up wall of separation · ‘Nones’ increasing, Pew poll shows · It paid to complain · In the News · Freethought ‘church’ protests bank’s bias · 38th annual national convention, Oct. 9-11, Madison, Wis.: Atheist Reagan also not afraid to revel in Madison · Meet a legal staffer · Meet a ‘couple’ of members · A Christian nation? Since when? · Members tell AARP: Prayer is not ‘primal’ · Activist Ahlquist: Wag more, bark less · What I learned fighting public school bible distributions · New life for me and I’m feelin’ good · Black Collar Crime Blotter · Letterbox · Read more »

April 2015

ABC, NBC join ban of Reagan’s FFRF ad · Making history: ‘Nonreligion’ now protected class · FFRF’s display stolen from Wis. Capitol · FFRF to air TV ads against Wis. voucher expansion · FFRF legal staff secures variety of victories · FFRF, ACLU file second suit against Indiana county · Theocrat group awards FFRF ‘blue ribbon’ · Texas coach strikes out on state/church separation · An atheist view of the golden rule · FFRF asks governors to repeal state RFRAs · FFRF slams 5 more schools with basketball chaplains · FFRF objects to evangelist’s speech at Mich. school · It’s paying to complain in Michigan · Secular Invocations · FFRF expels Bible Man from Tenn. School · In the News · Black Collar Crime Blotter · Meet an ‘Out’ Outdoors member · Atheist book for ‘inspirational’ aisle? · Four reasons I’m glad I came out as an atheist · Stop the hate; overturn RFRA laws everywhere · Seattle student sits for pledge, calls out bigots · ‘Devil’ breathes life into Ingersoll’s words · Legal titan Chemerinsky champions First Amendment · Meet a member · In Memoriam · Nothing Fails Like Prayer Contest · Letterbox · Sharing the Crank Mail · Read more »

March 2015

Federal court OKs equal access for Michigan atheist · Wisconsin governor’s office: No records of Walker communication with deity · Historic Madison proposal would add atheists as protected class to city ordinance · FFRF sues over egregious Georgia school prayer · FFRF opposes Colorado discrimination · FFRF stops many violations: Constitutional whack-a-mole engages legal staff · FFRF ousts teachers from ‘Kids for Christ’ clubs · $25,000 spent on Orlando police chaplains · FFRF announces trio of student essay contests · FFRF in Reddit’s top 10, to receive $83K · FFRF to Wis. Legislature: End school vouchers · State/church success moves from Hawaii to Michigan · Hypocrisy in Searcy? · FFRF complaint letters spread from sea to shining sea · FFRF schools Eastern Howard on Constitution, history · Chicago atheists ‘come out’ again · In the News · In Memoriam · Meet a legal staffer: Andrew Seidel · Review: The Labyrinth: God, Darwin and the Meaning of Life · The Catholics: From celebrating Mass to appearing on atheist billboards · Town of Greece prayer plaintiff not ready to say ‘amen’ · How secular family values stack up · Meet a legal intern: Kristin L. Martin · Photographer Johnson documents satisfying secular lives · Sharing the Crank Mail · Letterbox · ‘Saved’ as a toddler, ‘escaped’ in bible college · Tempus fugit: Time on pilot’s hands put to good use · Read more »

January / February 2015

FFRF eyes suit over Georgia school prayer abuses · FFRF, ACLU sue over Indiana courthouse crèche · At FFRF’s 2015 convention: Hewett to receive ‘Atheist in Foxhole’ honor · FFRF legal team compiles variety of successes · Legal staff busy shoring up state-church wall · FFRF’s expansion in the news · FFRF 2014 legal letters top 1,000 · FFRF salvos in ‘War on Christmas’ · States’ godly preambles are relics of another time · Recent FFRF Action Alerts · It pays to complain · Freethought billboards blanket Chicago area · NLRB rules against Lutheran college · Churches in schools debated on MSNBC · In Memoriam: Freethought Hall wing to be named for Lonsdale · Saying goodbye to Robert Nordlander · Council secular ‘prayer’ invokes love, laughter · Atheist: I’ll see your 10 and raise you one commandment · Crowd loves Lucy scientific sleuth Johanson · Meet a Nebraska member · Meet a civil libertarian member · ‘Reformed’ Catholic tells off pope · Unleashing the atheist within · Meet a member · Letterbox · Read more »

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