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May 2014

Religion entrenched in Clemson football · FFRF blasts Hobby Lobby bible curriculum · City of Green Bay staffers solicit pope on city time · Legal staffers successfully resolve multiple violations · State/Church Bulletin · FFRF mounts Cleveland-area billboard blitz · They Said What? · Newsnotes · Ohio members protest Day of Prayer · FFRF attorneys contest Day of Prayer events · Meet a Musical Trekkie Member · Meet a Legal Intern · FFRF, Chicago chapter counter Catholic Easter display · FFRFlashback · It really can pay to complain · Meet a ‘No BS’ B. Ed. · Meet a Legal Intern · FFRF, Minn. Atheists, sponsors ‘Aints’ game · FFRF’s solid court victory ends prayer in Pismo Beach, Calif. · FFRF fights back against SCOTUS prayer ruling · Overheard · Read more »

April 2014

Sharing the Crank Mail · Former clergy enjoys atheist peace of mind · Atheist activist in a foxhole · ‘Coolest job’ includes building community · We swear, blasphemy laws still on the books · Ask a Skeptic · Meet a musical member · State/Church Bulletin · In the News · Secular lobbying event June 12-13 in D.C. · They Said What? · FFRF Legal Victories · Overheard · Pinker named FFRF’s first honorary president · FFRF complaints create buzz · Read more »

March 2014

Sharing the Crank Mail · The truth about funerals: Follow the money · My mother, the Sarge · Extend death with dignity nationwide · Memorializing Clifford Donald Richards, 1943–2014 · Vermont native lauds state’s top spot on ‘infidel index’ · Meet FFRF’s 20,000 th Member · Meet an Activist Member · In the News · More states fight marriage discrimination · FFRF compiles state/church victories · Overheard · Megachurch will settle with FFRF plaintiffs · FFRF’er in talks to settle prayer suit · FFRF appeals Montana mountain Jesus to 9th Circuit · Church intervenes in FFRF pulpit politicking suit · FFRF ousts bibles at 2nd public university hotel · Read more »

January/February 2014

Allen Korbel, 1931–2013 · Celebrating the life of freethinker Kenneth Taubert Sr., 1921–2013 · Atheists charitable with donations · Ellery Schempp, Champion of the First Amendment · Meet an Intern - Yuna Choi · Meet a Legal Staffer - Patrick Elliott · FFRF scores more than 200 solid state/church victories in 2013 · State/Church Bulletin · In the News · It Pays to Complain · Recent FFRF legal victories · Overheard · Vouchers subsidize incompetent schools · Feds appeal FFRF’s parish exemption win · FFRF, other advocates file brief against Hobby Lobby · Read more »

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