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December 2014

FFRF legal victories span range of issues · Secular ‘stars’ fall on Alabama · State/Church Bulletin · Florida secular invocation irks commissioners · FFRF ‘no gods’ sign in Rhode Island statehouse · No speech, free or paid, for FFRF in Pitman, N.J. · Meet an active member · 37th national FFRF convention - Linda Stephens Speech ‘View from under the bus’ · ‘No sweat’ says legal staff after ‘race day’ complaint sprint · Oregon teen atheist receives FFRF activist award · UW-Madison student activist gets creative · Alabama student activist awarded in Catherine Fahringer’s memory · Death with dignity quest personal for Barbara Mancini · College essay contest honorable mentions · Meet a juggling member · In defense of FFRF · FFRF sues over California school board prayer · Okla. school district rejects Hobby Lobby bible class · No tax break for Ark Encounter · 7th Circuit throws out ‘parsonage exemption’ challenge on standing · FFRF sues Wisconsin over open records violation · Colorado high court slams door on nonreligious in prayer suit · Islam-pushing prof gets FFRF attention · Read more »

November 2014

Convention Photography Spread (PDF) · County rescinds ‘direct deposit’ to Baptist ministry · Legal staff busy preparing, sending complaint letters · FFRF awards grad/older student essayists $8,550 · FFRF Legal Complaints · State/Church Bulletin · It Pays to Complain · Meet a Legal Staffer · Meet an Atlanta member · Brian L. Bolton Graduate Essay Contest winner · Second place: Graduate/mature student essay contest · Third place: Graduate/mature student essay contest · Fourth place: Graduate/mature student essay contest · Fifth place: Graduate/mature student essay contest · Sixth place (tie I): Graduate/mature student essay contest · Sixth place (tie II): Graduate/mature student essay contest · Meet an M.D. member · Read more »

October 2014

Ohio elementary school yearbook crossed line · FFRF nixes religion in online curriculum · Religious monument to be modified/removed · Pastors again dare IRS to enforce the law · FFRF calls for bible-class moratorium in N.C. schools · FFRF awards $12,550 in college essay scholarships · Nothing fails like prayer . . . or succeeds like activism! · FFRF protests pope invites · Calif. city settles suit challenging prayer breakfasts · Secular celebrants OK’d in Indiana · Newsnotes · FFRF Legal Victories · Fond farewell to Sherry Matulis - 1931-2014 · FFRF member is proof one person can make big difference · Better believe it: There are black humanists · 27 definitions of atheist · Meet a Longtime Member · Meet a Colorado Member · First place: Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest · Second place: Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest · Third place: Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest · Fourth place: Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest · Fifth place (tie): Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest · Fifth place (tie): Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest · Sixth place (tie): Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest · Sixth place (tie): Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest · CBS rejects FFRF’s ad with ‘unabashed atheist’ Ron Reagan · Read more »

September 2014

Ohio elementary school yearbook crossed line · FFRF nixes religion in online curriculum · Meet a Deist Member · Living as an atheist in an Islamic state · Nonbelievers continue to give secular invocations · Essay scholarships to seniors total $10,250 · Victor Stenger, 1935 – 2014 · Elizabeth Blackwelder, 1920–2014 · Karen Abbe, 1959–2014 · My evolution as a freethinker · One nation, under the Constitution · Scientific defense of freethought wins · Traveling the road to reason · A letter to my younger self · Forever secular · Sharing the Crank Mail · Meet an Intern: Noah Brunell · Meet an Office Volunteer · N.C. school vouchers unconstitutional · FFRF complaint letters add to tally of legal victories · Complaints? We’ve had a few, but not too few to mention · FFRF ends flurry of Florida violations · FFRF plaque complaint has Texans in tizzy · Indiana governor fights FFRF over memorial cross · Diner drops illegal prayer discount · FFRF’s anti-electioneering victory final · FFRF monitors pre-K in West Virginia · U.S. Navy reneges on bible removal · Overheard · Chancellor pushes God to UW grads · Read more »

August 2014

FFRF, IRS poised to settle church politicking suit · Watchdog trio challenges Michigan mayor’s veto of atheist display · FFRF to distribute more atheist lit in Fla. district · Overheard · FFRF protests Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling · State/Church Bulletin · Proselytizing teacher ‘no longer employed’ · FFRF’s New York Times ad creates stir · FFRF victories: It pays to complain · Sharing the Crank Mail · Meet an Intern · Student stands up for right to sit · North Carolina siblings win FFRF student activist awards · FFRF sponsors humanist scholarship for South L.A. atheist student · ‘One of the most profoundly impactful moments of my life.’ · Meet a Litigious Member · Members’ atheist invocations draw crowds · Alabama 4th 'Advance' · Freethought on the Road · Read more »

June/July 2014

FFRF puts kibosh on Christian park subsidy · FFRF tells pastors to ‘Render unto Caesar’ in housing suit · American Legion, Montana AG fight FFRF Jesus appeal · FFRF attorneys join secular educational effort in D.C. · SCOTUS prayer ruling seen as ‘hollow victory’ · Start standing up (at a podium) for the Constitution · FFRF legal staff resolves constitutional violations · State/Church Bulletin · Meet an Intern · Stand up for freethought with secular ‘invocations’ · FFRF’s Emperor honor to truth-telling bible scholar Ehrman · Ethical Dilemma · Meet a Citizen Lobbyist · Read more »

May 2014

Religion entrenched in Clemson football · FFRF blasts Hobby Lobby bible curriculum · City of Green Bay staffers solicit pope on city time · Legal staffers successfully resolve multiple violations · State/Church Bulletin · FFRF mounts Cleveland-area billboard blitz · They Said What? · Newsnotes · Ohio members protest Day of Prayer · FFRF attorneys contest Day of Prayer events · Meet a Musical Trekkie Member · Meet a Legal Intern · FFRF, Chicago chapter counter Catholic Easter display · FFRFlashback · It really can pay to complain · Meet a ‘No BS’ B. Ed. · Meet a Legal Intern · FFRF, Minn. Atheists, sponsors ‘Aints’ game · FFRF’s solid court victory ends prayer in Pismo Beach, Calif. · FFRF fights back against SCOTUS prayer ruling · Overheard · Read more »

April 2014

Sharing the Crank Mail · Former clergy enjoys atheist peace of mind · Atheist activist in a foxhole · ‘Coolest job’ includes building community · We swear, blasphemy laws still on the books · Ask a Skeptic · Meet a musical member · State/Church Bulletin · In the News · Secular lobbying event June 12-13 in D.C. · They Said What? · FFRF Legal Victories · Overheard · Pinker named FFRF’s first honorary president · FFRF complaints create buzz · Read more »

March 2014

Sharing the Crank Mail · The truth about funerals: Follow the money · My mother, the Sarge · Extend death with dignity nationwide · Memorializing Clifford Donald Richards, 1943–2014 · Vermont native lauds state’s top spot on ‘infidel index’ · Meet FFRF’s 20,000 th Member · Meet an Activist Member · In the News · More states fight marriage discrimination · FFRF compiles state/church victories · Overheard · Megachurch will settle with FFRF plaintiffs · FFRF’er in talks to settle prayer suit · FFRF appeals Montana mountain Jesus to 9th Circuit · Church intervenes in FFRF pulpit politicking suit · FFRF ousts bibles at 2nd public university hotel · Read more »

January/February 2014

Allen Korbel, 1931–2013 · Celebrating the life of freethinker Kenneth Taubert Sr., 1921–2013 · Atheists charitable with donations · Ellery Schempp, Champion of the First Amendment · Meet an Intern - Yuna Choi · Meet a Legal Staffer - Patrick Elliott · FFRF scores more than 200 solid state/church victories in 2013 · State/Church Bulletin · In the News · It Pays to Complain · Recent FFRF legal victories · Overheard · Vouchers subsidize incompetent schools · Feds appeal FFRF’s parish exemption win · FFRF, other advocates file brief against Hobby Lobby · Read more »

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