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Lauryn Seering

Lauryn Seering

A Miami-Dade County Commission committee passed a resolution Nov. 13 to install “In God We Trust” behind the dais where the commissioners sit at meetings. The full commission will vote on the resolution on Tuesday, Dec. 2.

The motto “symbolizes the historical role of religion in our society, fosters patriotism, and expresses confidence in the future of our Nation, our State, and our County and its people,” according to the resolution.

 “We need all the help we can get,” said Commissioner Juan C. Zapata in support of the resolution at the economic development committee’s meeting, the Miami Herald reported. Commissioner Lynda Bell added, “Amen, brother.”

The resolution falsely equates piety with patriotism. Our country was founded on entirely secular principles, and government has no business endorsing trust in a god. County commissioners are elected to represent all citizens, including those of us who do not believe in a monotheistic god or any gods. Both supporters and opponents of the proposal recognize that “In God We Trust” is a religious statement. The history of the motto shows no secular purpose. The motto was first adopted in 1956 during the Cold War, as a reaction to the purported "godlessness" of communism. "E Pluribus Unum" [out of many, one] is the entirely secular original motto selected by a distinguished committee of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin. 

FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor wrote the commission a letter today protesting the resolution.


If you live in the area, please attend the next commission meeting and voice your opposition against the proposal to add a religious display to the commission chambers.

When: Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014

Where: Stephen P. Clark Center, 2nd floor, 111 N.W. 1st Street, Miami.

Contact your commissioner and request to be placed on an agenda as a citizen’s presentation, or speak during the Public Hearings section of the meeting.

If you can’t attend or live outside the area, please immediately contact members of the Miami-Dade County Commission:

Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa


Downtown Office 
Phone: 305-375-5696
Fax: 305-372-6090

District Office
Phone: 305-267-6377
Fax: 305-372-6090

Contact information for other Commissioners.


Read FFRF’s letter (linked above) for additional talking points.

Write your own message or feel free to cut and paste wording below. If you live in Miami-Dade County, please be sure to indicate you're a local citizen.

As someone who does not "trust in a god," but who believes in the separation between church and governemnt, I strongly oppose the proposal to post a public display of the words “In God We Trust” in the Miami-Dade County Commission chambers. The phrase is exclusionary and does not represent all of Miami-Dade County residents. In fact, the Pew Research Center reports that nearly one in five adult Americans and one in three young adults is now nonreligious. County Commissioners are elected to represent all citizens, including those of us who do not believe in a monotheistic god or any gods. Please reject this divisive and religiously exclusionary proposal.

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