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December 15, 2013 - Richard Haynes

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Alabama Freethought's next Lake Hypatia Speaker Series will be Sunday, December 15 at our Lake Hypatia Advance. Click here for a map to Lake Hypatia.

This month, we feature "Brother Richard" Haynes, coming to us from Atlanta GA. He was raised in a nonreligious home, ran away as a teenager and had a "born again" religious experience. He subsequently became an evangelist, received a degree in Biblical Studies and served as an associate minister to a 12,000-member Atlanta mega-church. In 1993, with their church engulfed in scandal, Richard, with his infant daughter and wife Angela, began their long and arduous journey to rationality and non-theism. Richard is now secularly ordained and has dedicated himself to building non-theist communities and encouraging others to "come out" of the atheist closet. He is President of Atheist Nexus International, the world's largest coalition of non-theists and non-theist communities, the Communications Director for Atheist Alliance of America, and maintains the blog "Brother Richard's Life Without Faith" at Patheos.com. He chronicles this journey for us in a "Hobbittesque" presentation entitled: There and Back Again.


11 am  - Meet & Greet
12 noon - Covered Dish
1 pm - Program Meeting

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