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November 18, 2012 - "Say it Loud: Why I am Black, Atheist and Proud" with Dr. annalise fonza

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Dr. annalise fonza holds a PhD from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. During her time as a Methodist minister, she pastored six congregations. An alumna the Clergy Project, Dr. fonza has appeared on Freethought Radio and contributed to Black Skeptics on FreethoughtBlogs.com. Her professional interests lie in city and urban planning, particularly as they have affected black and female population components.

Dr. fonza brings us her insight into the intersection of freethought and race as she addresses common questions. Why do black atheists tend to be invisible, and, why have they created their own atheist organizations? In this talk, Dr. fonza will discuss how various racial, social and even political dynamics have converged to inform the development of openly black and atheist and free-thought communities. During this talk she will also explain why she is personally and politically willing to self-identify as an atheist, despite the tremendous impact that it has upon her racially, socially and economically.

11 a.m. social hour
Noon potluck lunch
1 p.m. program

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