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November 2014

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November 20, 2014

Freethought Radio -- November 22, 2014 Broadcast

Guest: Barbara G. Walker

National Convention

October 9-10, 2014

Madison, Wis.


November 21, 2014


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Nativity Scene Expected to be Approved


WILX (Lansing, Michigan)

Seventh Circuit Kicks Parsonage Can Down The Road - Some Commentary

By Peter J Reilly

Chino Valley Unified School District Board Sued Over Prayers at Meetings

The San Bernadino County Sun (San Bernadino, California)
By Grace Wong

Freedom From Religion Foundation Urges IRS to Investigate Ark Encounter

Danthropology Blog
By Dan Arel


Let’s hear it for biblical blasphemy!
By Annie Laurie GaylorCo-PresidentFreedom From Religion Foundation The theocratic blogosphere is a-twitter with "shocked" blogs condemning FFRF's…More »
What Ben Affleck missed in the Islamophobia debate with Bill Maher and Sam Harris
There's an interesting video making the viral rounds. Bill Maher on his excellent show, Real Time, had on…More »
The Devil’s in the details: Justice Scalia and what the Constitution actually says about favoring religion over nonreligion
The Supreme Court, or at least the five all-Catholic, all-male conservative majority on our Supreme Court, elevated…More »
Chickens, goats, Jesus and the immorality of vicarious redemption
Yesterday, the Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta, wrote about the Jewish practice of kapparot. Kapparot coincides with Yom Kippur,…More »

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