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An FFRF complaint on behalf of parents with children in Brunswick County Schools (North Carolina) has resulted in a decision by the Board not to permit passive distribution" of Gideon bibles in elementary schools, as originally intended. However, the Board of Education is now planning to permit passive distribution of religious literature in the public high school. A policy was adopted this week by a 3-2 vote, but the Board must vote once more on the issue. Below find coverage (link and text) of the development in the Wilmington Star, "Opponents hope to persuade board to change policy on religious books" (April 6, 2006).

Please help educate the New Brunswick Board of Education about why it should not be acting as a conduit for religious groups to "passively" pass out literature in tax-supported public schools. Contact information:

Katie McGee, Ed.D, Supt. and Members of the Board of Education
Brunswick County Schools
35 Referendum Dr.
Bolivia NC 28422

Please thank the two members of the Board who wisely voted against this divisive policy, Mr. Milligan and Col. Gore:

Mr. Scott Milligan, Board Chair

Mr. Milligan noted: "Once you open that door, there is no closing it."

Col. Willie Gore (Ret)

Please contact the remaining three Board members and politely ask them to reconsider their vote to unlawfully promote religion via the public high schools:

Shirley Babson

Mr. Jimmy Hobbs

Mr. Ray G. Gilbert

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