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Thank Oklahoma City for Removing Cross

March 13, 2003

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and an activist Foundation member in Oklahoma City were victorious in persuading officials there to remove a 30-foot cross erected by a private entity on city property at the State Fair.

The Foundation followed up on complaints by its Oklahoma City member early this year, The cross was removed in late February. (For more details and photo, click here for the Freedom From Religion Foundation news release.)

This action alert gives you a choice of two responses:

1) Please contact Oklahoma City officials to thank them for honoring the First Amendment and avoiding a legal battle. A short letter of thanks will help fortify the city's resolve in the face of loud complaints by local fundamentalists.

Please write:

James D. Couch
City Manager
200 North Walker
Oklahoma City OK 73102
fax 405/297-2570

2) Write the Oklahoman, the daily newspaper, responding to the March 11, 2003 editorial, "At Cross Purposes."

Read editorial while link is timely at:

The daily newspaper editorialized that "Oklahoma City Manager Jim Couch was correct in removing the cross," reasoning that "a legal fight to keep the cross on public property is a losing cause that could have cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars."

The editorial then unfortunately concludes:

"As for those who complained to Couch, they are to be pitied for finding this enduring symbol of triumph over death as being worthy of a moment's loss of peace. They're part of a small force of zealots who are determined to rid the nation's public places and utterances--including the Pledge of Allegiance--of any reference to the faiths of our founders.

"They are the real losers."

Email a letter to the editor responding to this editorial to Ed Kelley, editorial director, at:

Please write a brief response, being sure to thank the newspaper for supporting removal of the cross as well as responding to the negative comments, and include your name, mailing address, and telephone number.

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